Becoming Free

I was fortunate that my beautiful, vivacious mother, Elizabeth, cherished me and told me I was the light of her life. She was also 'masculinist' in an era when men and masculine attributes were considered superior to women and feminine traits. She told me repeatedly that men are smarter, stronger, more important and more fun than women! She believed women's feelingful nature made them weak.

In her attempt to toughen me up so that I would thrive in a world ruled by men, she would lisp in a ridiculing tone of voice "Oh you are thooo thenthitive". This taunting, and the rough and tumble of life, did help me to become quite rugged. Unfortunately, a delicate part of me withdrew into hiding and became a secret that even I almost forgot.

At the age of 62 I was overlooking Lake Tahoe, soaking in the exquisite beauty of the light on the water, when that old tape "Oh you are thooo thenthitive" played in my mind.

Now it no longer triggered contraction. Instead, with an upwelling surge of liberated joy, I began painting this portrayal of the power of sensitivity.

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