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Welcome & Introduction
WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE - Becoming Free: The Arts as Ministry.
It represents what I want to offer our glorious, fragile world.

For over fifty years, in contemplation and surrender, I have followed my own path - feeling along unfamiliar trails to discover interior territory where mysteries might be harbored and revealed. Capturing flashes of clarity, I've portrayed here a Feminine Story of Creation from Birth to Death; and a view of Who We Are from Origin to Destiny.

Twenty sculptural statements, with accompanying text and paintings, point to Emergence, Awakening, Relationship, Consequences and Potential. These statements reflect what humans do and what happens on Earth, but they are not dogmatic. They can be experienced as platforms from which to inquire into personal and collective unfolding so you can investigate in any direction from any of the archetypal moments. Each offers a microcosmic opening into a macroscopic view of the whole.

Hopefully, what I say here in images and words will stimulate your imagination and encourage your journey into realms beyond the routine and ordinary. Look through the window of Amazement and see that everything is miraculous: connected and resilient, yet impermanent.

MISSION  I want to deliver BECOMING FREE, the Arts as Ministry, to an audience of the curious and creative who are inquiring into being human with an eye to a possible future. My aim is to influence evolution through Art and non-ordinary seeing.

RATIONALE  Art enables us to 'say' creatively what we can otherwise only think. Thus, it is through Art that we can communicate our thoughts to each other. Since we are the dominant species on Earth, exerting power and control over virtually every other earthly realm, expanding understanding of where we're from, how we got to now, who we are, where we're going, and what is our purpose might increase the likelihood that we'll behave wisely and lovingly.

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