Becoming Free

Grace was conceived and created to honor all the fabulous daughters & sons who are living models of compassion-in-action.

She is a modern, western Quan Yin, radiating loving-kindness. She is not still. She is an active woman, engaged in healing works. She is on her way into the world, guided by her great open heart.

Grace represents the evolution of motivation beyond serving the personal ego and beyond serving the tribe or nation... even beyond tending to the needs of the human family, to boundless caring and serving all beings.

To be in a state of grace is commonly understood to be an unearned blessing. Grace is thought of as bestowed by the Creator and not attainable by Creation's conscious intention and effort.

As our consciousness evolves, however, we may cultivate the inner conditions within which the seeds of grace are likely to root. Thus, we are blessed.

This is conscious evolution.

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