Becoming Free

The wound is swift and fear-driven as
Creation turns and attacks itself
with domination,

Creation is in a crisis of rape and war...
broken apart and self-destructing into victor and victim
against all that is sensitive and vulnerable
annihilating Life.

Portrayal of this horror-filled moment is dedicated to the Bosnian woman
who told of being gang-raped and gun-raped by soldiers, and to the
soldiers who are so profoundly cut off from their compassionate humanity,
and to their sisters and brothers around the world who are trapped in this
vicious cycle of pain and degradation.

May we cry with them, and for them,
for ourselves, and each other.

May we feel the horror of human cruelty,
and the desecration of which we are capable ...
not some other species,
some other planet, some other time,
but humans, here on Earth, now.

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